Road to progress

Road to progress

Lapu Lapu City my second home

Been a resident of  Basak, Lapu Lapu City since 2003 when my family decided to settle down in this beautiful city where the famous first battle cry of  Filipinos transpired against foreign invaders;  and of course the city where  Mactan-Cebu International Airport  is located, the second busiest airport in the entire  Philippines.

I may consider Lapu Lapu City as my second home after moving here from my beloved hometown  Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte.  I also witnessed its continuing progress and developments as early as 1982  till I  finished my college course at Philippine Air Force College of Aeronautics (PAFCA)  now Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PSCA) located in Mactan Air Base before I went to Manila after college graduation.

I  just can’t believe that from hard coral rock with 40% rocky terrain land area it became a first class highly urbanized industrial city in the province of Cebu plus to its famous beaches, resorts, subdivisions and home of 5star hotels.

But I also couldn’t believe that the progress of the city coincides with rampant corruption of those in local government and widespread poverty continues to grow behind the on-going road to progress.

Change of leadership

With the clamor of the people to change leadership in the city, a man destined to become the new Mayor of the city emerge in the person of businessman Efrain “Jun” Pelaez Jr., head of the Mactan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (MCCI).

Efrain “Jun” Pelaez Jr., promised yesterday night  in a rally held at Basak, Lapu Lapu City to transform the city within 3 years into a “little Singapore” from the dirtiest nation’s premier tourist destination once he is elected this coming May 10, 2010 election. Eradicate corruption in local government, beautify the whole island, more health care and housing to poor people of Lapu Lapu City and bring more new investments to the city.

Cited as major problems in the city are unattended bad roads, illegal construction, squatting and the lack of tourism-related projects and the political will to enforce environmental laws as factors that undermined the City’s economic and tourism growth.

Who is Jun Pelaez?

Armed with “Kalihokan sa Katawhan alang sa Kalamboan” or KKK or People’s Movement for Progress. Jun Pelaez is determined to eradicate corruption for progress; the Liberal Party standard bearer for Mayor in the city is not a politician but is destined to become the Mayor of Lapu Lapu city. A graduate of A.B. Economics of Ateneo De Manila University and got his Masters degree in business Economics at University  of Notre dame, Indiana, USA.

He was also awarded as Sunstar Citizen of the year 2007 in Business Category.

As an ordinary citizen of the city, he was able to build two schools in Punta Engano. A Library full of imported educational books from USA. Sponsor college scholarship from 1996 to date. Help organized feeding programs in various barangays in Lapu Lapu city and provide employment opportunities to (Opon) Oponganon. As a businessman, he was able to facilitate investments of more than P 1 Billion in the city.

I trust this man to become a good Mayor in Lapu Lapu city and I believed this man that as businessman he will make the city a little Singapore once he is elected in office.

Let us vote Jun Pelaez  the man that will really serve Oponganon towards the road for prosperity and progress.

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