To show my respect and loyalty

I arrived last April 12  for a 40 days vacation. KACST granted my request for an additional 10 days from the allowable 30 days vacation every year. But before my scheduled flight, I was able to vote at our Philippine Embassy in Riyadh as an Absentee Voter.  Overseas Absentee Voting starts April 10 to May 10, 2010. I was also recognized by our Philippine Embassy as the first OFW/Absentee Voter who voted first at exactly 8:05 AM with Ballot Serial Number 00001.

Phil. Embassy OAV Advisory

Being a resident of Lapu Lapu City, CEBU (my second home) where my wife is a registered voter, I went to the Liberal Party headquarter in Lapu Lapu City, as a sign of my respect and loyalty to the Liberal Party Presidential standard bearer Noynoy Aquino. 

NoyMar in my residence gate

My wife's Mayoral bet Efrain "Jun" Pelaez in Lapu Lapu City

As a registered Noynoy Aquino volunteer, I was able to ask a campaign poster of Noynoy and Mar and so with Liberal Party Mayoral bet in Lapu Lapu City Efrain “Jun” Pelaez a respected leader and businessman in the city.

The night on the same day, I met my brother Doods  at Orchard Hotel , Mandaue where the CESEEPS (Electrical Systems Design for Industrial & Commercial Complexes) Seminar was conducted. Though my brod has different choices for  national leaders in 2010 election, I respect his opinion, that’s the essence of democracy by the way.

I knew very well that my brod  is not a politically minded person but he is a respected leader in his own field of expertise being a Professional Electrical Engineer,  former IIEE Governor (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineer) in Region 7   and member of the IIEE National Board of Governors.

I am glad that before we parted ways that night, he told me that he is going to think about it.  I explain to him why noynoy is my President.

As  Noynoy volunteer, our job is to convince others to vote for a certain candidate of your own choice but not to dictate  others on their basic responsibility – the free will of who to vote.

I believed that politics is a contest of opinion, It is only a matter of how  to encourage the voter to vote  for your choice. In pure sincere politics without goons and gold, crafting laws and ordinances are just like doing  the right thing for the good of the masses.  The good political system is to respond to the preferences of its people. It is fundamental to democratic theory and practice. A true leader seeks public opinion on policymaking. Their constituents are the voices and the leaders’ role is to bring those voices in the table of politics.

Tomorrow, I will be visiting a long time friend and Kumpare  in Mandaue City to show my support for his sister who is running for Mayor of Mandaue, in the person of 3rd termer Congresswoman Inday Nery Soon-Ruiz.

Maybe I will not convince him to vote for my choice because we are obviously  in different political fence but i’ll be there to show my respect and loyalty to the family.  – bong amora

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