The genuine and the bogus

the winning team

Nagkaroon na ba kayo ng feeling na sobrang nakakainis ang naririnig mo na black prop hindi mo alam kung matatawa ka nalang ba?

Noynoy has been dared to respond to a faked psychological evaluation – where is the logic in that, as the report itself has already been proven bogus and therefore doesn’t require dignifying?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and one look at this one here tells us why the “others,” in the words of the younger volunteers at Aquino HQ, are “freaking out!” Genuine support iyan, not seen since Cory Aquino ran for the presidency in 1985 (to echo our more ‘mature’ volunteers), and similarly, mula sa isang kampanyang tumatakbo sa genuine volunteers.

People's Clamor, Noy2 in MalacanangSorry, pero may nahahalata ako sa kabilang panig. Pekeng report, pekeng oposisyon, pekeng coalition, pekeng mahirap, pekeng pangako.

Lalong lalo lamang lumalakas ang sigaw ng Noypi: We want Genuine Change! Tulad ng sabi ng isang volunteer nung isang araw nang pinagtatanggol niya si Noy: “It’s so easy to explain something to someone when you’re talking about the truth.”

As E-Day approaches, the truth about Villarroyo, the preferential treatment of a miss-stepping COMELEC, the source of black propaganda against Noynoy, the aim to thwart an Aquino victory is becoming clearer. Here’s a scary thought – are we headed for a bogus election?

Only if we let it happen. There might be powers that conspire to lock us down to the same old system where we suffer and they live in the lap of luxury. But if there’s something they are afraid of, it’s People Power through clean and infallible elections. And WE are the People. And we want genuine change for our country. Tuloy ang Laban!

~ Nina Sanchez    
Editor, Noy News

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