My Dearly Beloved Children and People

My Dearly Beloved Children and People

by:  Margareth “ Marge ”  Riego de Dios

Mother Philippines - The Philippine Flag

From the time I was wrenched from the navel of the
Pacific Ocean, to surface like a strand of pearls
under the  Far Eastern sky, and caressed by the
cool, crisp air that travels  up and down my mountains,
plains, lakes and valleys  like it  was singing a lullaby
through my trees, flowers, bubblings brooks,  I have
witnessed the wonders that made me the Paradise
of the  Pacific, or  as one of my courageous sons wrote:
” Perla del mar de Oriente”…Pearl of the Orient Sea.

On hindsight, this is a very apt description of our history
both as a land and people, for  a pearl  can only be born
from the bosom of an oyster when the oyster deals with any
threat to its survival; and we have dealt with so many challenges
in the past as  attested by each pearl in our history, for the richness
and lustre of our values and mores as a people is like a string of pearls
that were formed from our tears but buffed to incandescent brilliance by
our prayers, songs, sweetest of smiles and our spirit of survival!
Right now, I feel like an overladen oyster with so many irritants and obstacles that could threaten even our  survival as a land and people; but  these trials we have are making pearls out of you as one by one foreigners look to me for the precious pearls , you my people, have become; so in demand, indeed, that every corner of this beautiful God-given world  shines with your lustrous presence!

As I scan the horizon and see the trail of pearls floating  away from my shores
out of my oysterlike  existence, I don’t allow sadness to creep into my soul( yeah, a Motherland has a soul too) because I know you will be treated like a Precious Pearl when you let your  luminous light shine and let your faith, love, understanding, compassion, confidence and wisdom permeate everything you do as you live your life anchored on the real “Pearl of Great  Price”…that only God matters, after all!

I have heard it said that you have become very materialistic, opting for more dollars than closeness to home and family, that you prefer the distant shores to mine; but I know that whether in the  hot desert of  Saudi or the freezing waters of  Alaska,  whether  in a New York condo or a tenement housing in Hongkong, whether using your brain  and brawn in offices or  singing and dancing to lift the sagging spirits of some foreign folks, or caring for their young and their aged, your thoughts are not far from home, from me and your friends and family. And  I know, as whispered to me by the breeze that roams the world, that in your heart you have kept our song, in your mind you have kept our prayer, and even in your dreams you have kept the faith that with God all things are possible, and in due time, and in God’s perfect time, dreams do come true.

Yes, my beloved Children, the call to foreign and distant shores is one way  of fulfilling your dreams, and I understand that, I respect that for it is like what your ancestors did. There were gatherers and there were village keepers and protectors. For after all what you gather from the outside of my islands are also shared by all in many ways. It has kept your form of govt. afloat, and it is a good thing when  what you do benefit others too, for in the long or even short run, you and your family benefit too.

I know that you may be my scattered pearls of the world, but  I am proud of you all, because you  are  this world’s  garland of pearls with each one of you adding more worth and significance to life and  to humanity’s great adventure to better peace and prosperity for all. Who knows, the child one of you reared with love and “Pinoyness”  becomes the President, or Prime Minister, or General of a great army; or become the loving hands that rock the cradle of future leaders of the world…isn’ t that an awesome thought? How precious you are in whatever you do; how precious you are to me for you have endured many things ( that others have been spared) in the name of love for God, country and family.

Those of you my children who are minding the hearth of our land, protecting the rights and choices you are all entitled as my people, generating livelihood for those whose duty bids them to stay home, in my very shores, I admire you and am proud of you, just as I am proud of the Global Pearls that we have gifted the world with.

For you my home-bound pearls have also a great task to give meaning to the “Wandering Pearls” of the world, for my dream as your Motherland is to see all my children together, gathered as one, like  strands of pearls around my neck, close to my heart. You will bridge the gap between the fulfillment of your dreams and their dreams, for you have all but ONE DREAM…a better life  for all in a land  full of love, in peace and prosperity.

“Beautiful land of love, Oh, land of light, in thine embrace tis rapture to lie…”
Yes, beloved, I embrace you wherever you are…feel my presence with a song,  through a  prayer, or  even in a dream. For you see, God made me the
Paradise in the Pacific, and God made you a part of me for you to enjoy
nature’s bounty that I am so blessed with for you my people.

As for “La Perla del mar de Oriente”, the travails we endured together brought
out the best in you,  transforming you  into precious pearls that the
 “Pearl of Great  Price” would not mind having as part of a  It’s/His strand!

I bless you all my beloved Children, for when God allowed the Great Sea to heave me to the surface, God blessed me with so much bounty, both from the land and sea…and so  I do bless you, for it is your  God-given birthright. Claim it now and be proud of who you are…my Pinoy Pearls!

And thank you for loving me and for being proud of me as your Motherland.

Loving you always,

Mother Philippines,  Iyong  Inang Bayan, Imong Yutang Natawhan


By: Margareth “ Marge ”  Riego de Dios

Taken from: Articles Page ( Anita’s Kitchen )

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