Support for Noynoy and Mar in Caraga Region Encouraging

Support for Noynoy & Mar in Caraga Region Encouraging


THE CARAGA REGION is composed of four provinces: Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. Considered as the richest region in terms of natural resources, Caraga sits on 3.5 billion metric tons of metallic and non-metallic reserves. Thousands of hectares are planted with timber trees, oil palm, abaca, banana, and other commodity crops. Despite the richness of its natural resources, Caraga ironically, is one of the poorest regions in the Philippines. The poverty rate of the region which is fifty point two percent (50.2%) is actually worse than that of the entire country, which is only thirty-four percent (34%).

“It is really encouraging and inspiring.”

This was how Chit Asis, the regional convenor of the NOYNOYMAR 2010 MOVEMENT described the outpouring of support of the voters in Caraga for the tandem of Sens. Benigno Aquino III and Mar Roxas as their bets in the presidential and vice presidential races in the 2010 elections as she wrapped up the  joint chapters formation in Surigao del Norte and Dinagat provinces, the third and fourth provincial chapters that she and her team of volunteers had put up in a span of two weeks.

 “The people are really coming out not just volunteering for anything that they can do but also pitching in something they can afford for the logistical requirements of the movement”, Asis said.

She also said that it used to be that volunteers would expect to be given campaign kits such as shirts and giveaways but they are now the ones offering to buy or producing these items for them to be equipped with paraphernalia in their campaign activities.

 “I am also surprised not just by the high number of those who want to be counted in but also on the mix of sectoral interests and loyalties on local political leaders as well as on the generational span that you see grandchildren in the voting age volunteering involvement along with their parents and grandparents”, Asis added.

The movement, according to Asis, is an alliance of organizations of the basic sectors, professional and business whose only basis of unity is to make Noynoy and Mar win the elections of May 2010. The movement discourages the participation of political figures who are running for any position in 2010 because there are political parties where they organizationally belong, she added.

Asis also said that true to the nature of a people’s campaign, the movement is financed not by any individual but from out of the contributions of members and from proceeds of fund raising activities.

 Joined in by many because of the prevalence of sentiments for change in the way the country’s affairs are ran, the movement’s campaign thrust would be heavy on reform agenda building in each province of the region and pushing for these agenda to be carried by Aquino and Roxas in the platform of government, Asis added.

The provincial chapters already formed, according to Asis, were in Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte and Butuan City chapters. The formation of the Surigao del Sur chapter on November 8 will have the entire region covered.

Around 200 representatives of regional and provincial level organizations were represented in these chapters so far, Asis said. She added that the number of organizations is expected to increase to more than a thousand when the municipal and barangay level organizations join in after the municipal chapters and barangay workgroups formation in November.

Among the activities of the movement in November are the “Pray for Cory Day” on November 1 and 2, the “Yellow and Blue Wednesdays”, the “Happy Birthday Ninoy Children’s Party” on Nov. 27 and the daily sign-up campaign.

The officers of elected in the provincial assembly in Agusan del Sur are: Dr. Inocencio Angeles, lead convenor; Atty. Rafael Ybanez, co-convenor and paralegal committee chair; Mariano Candari, organizing committee chair; Andres Gran, networking and alliance building committee chair; Mr. Ysmael Elevazo, communication and media committee chair; Dickens Otero, campaign and mobilization committee chair, and; Mr. Nicolas Medidas, ways and means committee chair. The officers in Agusan del Norte and Butuan City are: Atty. Louella Mendoza – Yu, lead convenor; Jimmy Beray, co-convenor; Maribel Balansag, secretary; Danny Domingo, organizing committee chair; Dr. Virgie Rosales, networking and alliance building committee chair; Amy Bayer, communication and media committee chair; Bernardino Amarille, campaign and mobilization committee chair; Edwin Piencenaves, paralegal committee chair, and; Linda Vijuncol, ways and means committee chair.

In Surigao del Norte, the officers are: Dr. Rudy Medina, lead convenor; Dr. Vidal Reyes, co-covenor for District 2; Menolisa Correos and Fortunato Espanola, co-convenors for District 1; Doroteo Dischoso, secretary, and Charles Tabada, youth committee chair.

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